Bullet Trap USA Facility in Burlington, CT

Bullet Trap USA began life as Product Development and Sales Corporation in 1983 located in Burlington, Connecticut. Product Development was founded by Rick Lamothe to produce specialized endurance testing equipment for major manufacturers.

Product Development’s equipment is used to perform length of life testing on a diverse array of products. Often the testing required delivering a severe impact to various parts of products. This required rugged designs incorporating explosion proof fixtures that had to last tens of thousands of lifetimes of the products being tested.

Rick and his staff, being personally involved in shooting sports, developed a prototype bullet trap for their own use. Using the design and manufacturing expertise inherent in Product Development, our prototype bullet trap was developed and tested with great success. Seeing the need for other avid target shooters to have their own bullet trap, Bullet Trap USA was formed. It is our vision to produce an affordable bullet trap that will provide a safe, clean way for the casual shooter to enjoy target practice in the privacy of their own property.

Just because our bullet traps are affordable doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. Professional gunsmiths, law enforcement, and military users will find them to be up to the challenge of continual use.

 Patent Pending and Specifications may change without notice.