Model SA-16 / Sound Abatement Room
Our custom modular Sound Abatement Room is a great way for shooters everywhere to target practice without disturbing those around.  This Sound Abatement Room comes in a kit with all hardware and lighting included.  The outer walls and roof are precut out of laminated pressboard with an insulated core and vinyl coating (Standard color is off white).  Inner walls are made of quilted fiberglass sound absorbing panels, 2” thick with tan colored vinyl facing on both sides.  This functional yet aesthetic setup is engineered to reduce muzzle blast sound by as much as 75%.  Assembly is simple - basic hand tools, 2 people, 1 weekend.   The modular walls that this room is constructed from are able to be painted or decorated to blend with any home or business décor. We have painted ours tan and installed a tan carpet to match.


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Model SA-16 Benefits            

Model SA-16 Standard Size       
  • Noise Reduction
  • Modular
  • Set up with simple tools
  • Functional
  • Durable
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • 16' Length
  • 6'3" Wide
  • 8'4" Width with Filter System
  • 7'3" Height



Filtration System
Behind the firing line is a scientifically engineered air plenum providing a smooth orderly laminar flow of air.  Contaminated air is drawn towards the front of the Sound Abatement room at a constant flow rate of 75 ft to 100 ft per minute minimum, ensuring fresh clean air for the shooter to breathe.  Towards the front of the Sound Abatement room is an exhaust vent which includes a 4 stage filtration system; a pre-filter, ring filter, charcoal filter and a HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air). These filters are removing contaminating particles, toxins, and odors. The noise level is kept to a minimum by the sound absorbing duct work.  This also provides maximum air flow proficiency as the air is being cleaned and re-circulated 6 times a minute. This filtration setup is easily maintained by a sensor light alerting you that your filter system is off or that filters have reached maximum capacity and need to be replaced.  All filters are easily changed from inside the Sound Abatement Room by simply opening the cabinet door.  This reduces the chances of spreading contamination throughout your home or establishment.

Watch our Sound Abatement Room & Perimeter Alarm in Action

Bullet Trap USA Sound Abatement Room
Filtration System Demo
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Custom Sizes Available
Carpeting not included in kit but recommended
for maximum sound absorption
Patent Pending and Specifications may change without notice.

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