Model BT - 48TT / Tactical Training Bullet Trap


BT - 48TT
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All units typically shipped fully assembled.
During tactical training, discharging a firearm from many various angles is an essential part of the training. As an added safety feature, a ballistic curtain made of self-healing, natural Linatex® high quality rubber is draped across the target area for enhanced safety during these tactical training maneuvers.  Considering your own specific needs, you may feel the optional upper and/or lower deflector ramps will also be beneficial to your bullet trap system. The lower ramps may extend to the ground while the upper ramps can increase the height up to 10 feet. The deflector ramps are self supporting, made of AR500 and are for indoor or outdoor use .


Bullet Trap USA Technology
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Affordable
  • Can be disassembled for relocating
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Collection pail easily removed for
    recycling of lead
  • Easily maintained
  • .22 Long Rifle to a .458 Winchester Mag
  • Made of tough AR500  ballistic steel for longevity, durability and deflection of elements
  • Waterjet cutting process, no heat induced
  • No problematic welding of AR500 steel
  • Deflection Elements are Neoprene Mounted and Flex, Absorbing Bullet Impact
  • No water, sand or rubber is used in our traps or in our lead collection process

Additional Accessories
  • Filtration System (indoor use)
  • Perimeter Alarms (indoor/outdoor)
  • Weather Shield (outdoor use)
  • Noise Reduction Covering (indoor use)
  • Upper and/or Lower Deflector Ramps

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