Whether complying with EPA regulations for your commercial range or business, or concerned about pollution of your property from your range at home, Bullet Trap USA strives to offer you an environmentally friendly and economical shooting range solution. While dirt berms do well to stop projectiles they can be dangerous in the long run due to lead leaching into the soil and eventually into ground water. This can also be terms for being forced to close down your range.
All of our bullet traps stop projectiles safely and deposit them into a collection pail for easy removal. The best part is, our bullet traps do so without using any consumable media (water, sand, rubber) that could also become contaminated and need to be disposed of as hazardous waste. This means a virtually maintenance-free means of stopping and collecting bullets from your range.
The collection pail contains nothing except for the bullets fired into the trap. Contents in the pail (lead, copper etc.) have value when recycled and can be sold. The lead can also be melted down and cast into more bullets if desired.

(Fired Bullets Deposited into Collection Pail)

Patent Pending and Specifications may change without notice.