Pistol Perfect
XL - BT 48 x 48

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The Pistol Perfect XL Bullet Trap has a massive 48”X48” opening in the front. This bullet trap is great for anyone who wants a large area to target practice with handguns and small rifles. This bullet trap is also recommended for public shooting ranges, gun clubs, police departments, military facilities and for tactical training. The 48”X48” square opening allows multiple Pistol Perfect XL bullet traps to be mated together. A range backstop can be created with any amount of traps desired, and can be expanded at any time. It can also be coupled to our BT-48 bullet traps. Upper and lower AR500 extension ramps can be added as an additional measure against users missing the opening and damaging range infrastructure. Extension ramps are supported by the trap and can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. The extension ramps can also be paired with a natural Linatex® rubber curtain draped over the opening of the trap. This turns the Pistol Perfect XL into an excellent tactical training bullet trap.

The Pistol Perfect XL bullet trap works the same way as all of our other bullet traps. The target is hung on the front of the trap, so when you fire, the bullet passes through the target and hits one of the walls that create the mouth of the trap. The bullet deflects off the wall and into a small opening at the back of the mouth, which leads to a deceleration chamber.  The bullet rides around the walls of the deceleration chamber, until it has expelled all of its energy. Once the bullet slows down, gravity pulls it through an opening at the bottom of the deceleration chamber where it comes to rest in a collection pail.

The collection pail contains nothing except for the bullets fired into the trap. Contents in the pail (lead, copper etc.) have value when recycled and can be sold. The lead can also be melted down and cast into more bullets if desired.   

Features and Benefits:
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Compact design
  • Rated for handguns up to and including .44 Magnum, and rifles up to and including .223/5.56mm
  • All bullet contact points are AR500 steel
  • Optional HEPA Filtration
  • Low maintenance
  • No water, sand or rubber used in our lead collection process
  • Made in the USA
  • Available lower extension ramps extend from the bottom of the mouth of the trap to floor level.
  • Available upper extension ramps can extend from the top of the mouth of the trap to the ceiling, or to a height of up to 10 feet.
  • Linatex rubber curtain available for tactical training
  • Waterjet cutting process, and weld free design add no heat to AR500 steel
  • Safe, clean, and affordable training solution
  • 111.5"L X 48"W x 76.75"H - 1,980 lbs.

Patent Pending and Specifications may change without notice.
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